#labOS plan i program rada u 2015. godini

Ulaskom u novu godinu započeli smo planiranje budućih događaja. Odlučili smo, između ostaloga, raditi projekte vezane uz 3D printanje, automatizaciju, robotiku, protetiku i kibernetiku. Također ćemo održati niz radionica i predavanja za sve zainteresirane, čije ćemo datume objaviti naknadno, a teme možete vidjeti u nastavku. Virtualizacija,  Linux kontejneri i Docker Linux mrežni alati 3D Modeliranje […]

Using Android to securely command & control your projects!

If you make internet connected stuff based on Linux/GNU and own a Android device powered by CyanogenMod rejoice! This is a safe(as safe as it gets) way to control your projects, so unlock your home to your friends while miles away, start a car(or don’t), securely wipe all of your disks with one touch, feed […]

Cheap tweeting RFID home security/automation system V1.5

CONCEPT One of the first things we bought when we founded our hackerspace was a cheep RFID access control system. The original plan was just to connect it to an electric lock on the door and access the space whithout a traditional key. We soon realised that the stuff in our space is not cheap […]

USB aliases – Multiple USB to UART devices on OpenWRT

If you want to add multiple Arduino or other USB to UART devices to your Openwrt router you will need to symlink them so that the devices don’t mix up while the router reboots. Our objective is to symlink /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1 … to /dev/device0, /dev/device1… In our example we will use a setup with an […]