Osnivanje #labOS kids sekcije i radionica “Daljinski nadzor i upravljanje uređajima”

U sklopu projekta “Zima u Domu tehnike Osijek” održali smo četverodnevnu radionicu “Daljinski nadzor  i upravljanje uređajima” ukupnog trajanja 12 sati. Radionice su bile namjenjene polaznicima koji su već upoznati sa Arduino razvojnom platformom, te smo ih upoznali sa još nekoliko platformi, projekta i protokola: Raspberry pi Instalacija sustava Python i Bash skripte GPIO OpenWrt […]

Project Gem – Panic button with ESP8266 & OpenWrt Linux

Gem is an ESP8266 based panic button pendant that triggers sending of notifications (e-mail,SMS) over a base station device. I will post updates, this project is still work in progress, and it’s only a segment of a bigger project, but here’s a picture of the first working version: How does it work: Gem has implemented […]

USB aliases – Multiple USB to UART devices on OpenWRT

If you want to add multiple Arduino or other USB to UART devices to your Openwrt router you will need to symlink them so that the devices don’t mix up while the router reboots. Our objective is to symlink /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1 … to /dev/device0, /dev/device1… In our example we will use a setup with an […]