Founding of the #labOS kids-section and workshops “Remote supervision and control of devices”

Sanja Vukelić | 09.01.2016.

As a part of the project “Winter in Dom tehnike Osijek” we held a four-day workshop “Remote supervision and control of devices” which lasted 12 hours. Workshops were intended for attendants who are already familiar with Arduino platform. They were introduced to some more platforms, projects and protocols:

Raspberry pi
Installation of the operating system
Python and Bash scripts
Web resources connected to OpenWrt
Connecting and remote control through ssh protocol
Disadvantages of control through ssh protocol
Setting up a new system through scp and ssh protocol
SSH button Android application
MQTT protocol
Mosquitto MQTT application
UART protocol and USB-TTL converters
Communication using MQTT
MQTT Client Android application
Blynk platform and Android application
Blynk project, robotic cart internet control
We explained what they are and how to use:
Soldering iron
Analog and digital input-output
EM relay
Bipolar transistor
Term “galvanic isolation”
Google browsing and usage of web resources

We are also founding #labOS kids section intended for kids older than 14 within which we will organise thematic gatherings on Sundays. We are using this opportunity to invite all interested for #labOS or #labOS kids workshops to contact us via our email The goal of #labOS kids section is to integrate new members to the club and to promote the culture of open source share of knowledge.

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